Call for Invited Minisymposia

Plenary lectures will be complemented by Invited Minisymposia organized by recognised experts in targeted research areas and related to all the important topics of the conference.
Participants interested in organizing an Invited Minisymposia as part of COMPLAS 2023 are requested to complete the following actions:

  1. Fill in the following form with all of the information requested.
  2. Send the abstract converted to a Portable Document Format (PDF) using the following template (Download Abstract Template) by directly replying to this email no later than May 30, 2023.

Conference Topics

  • 100 Advanced Discretization Techniques

  • 200 Advanced Material Models and Computational Material Design

  • 300 Atomistic, Nano and Micro-mechanics of Materials

  • 400 Big Data Analytics Techniques

  • 500 Biomechanics

  • 600 Contact Mechanics

  • 700 Damage, Fracture, Fatigue and Failure Mechanics

  • 800 Data Driven Modeling in Science and Engineering

  • 900 Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

  • 1000 Geomechanics, Environment and Geoscience

  • 1100 High Performance Computing

  • 1200 Industrial Applications in Science and Engineering

  • 1300 Inverse Problems, Optimization and Design

  • 1400 Manufacturing and Material Forming Processes

  • 1500 Model Reduction and Real Time Computing Techniques

  • 1600 Multi-Body and Nonlinear Dynamics

  • 1700 Multi-Scale Material Models and Multi-Physics Problems

  • 1800 Numerical Methods in Science and Engineering